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Why start a board game blog in the first place?

After a recent renewed passion in board gaming, I began to explore the likes of boardgamegeek and other dedicated board gaming sites and decided it was time for me to do more for the ever growing board game community. 

What type of content will this blog have?

Good question - I'm still working that out!
But for now I intend to have a new review every week as well as a bit of a weekly recap into my board gaming exploits.  Mostly I'm making it up as I go.

Why (Mostly) Board Games?

It speaks for itself.  This blog is mostly about board games, but every now and then the occasional off-topic post may occur!

What makes this blog different from every other board game blog already?

Nothing! I'm doing this because I enjoy talking about board games and hopefully my thoughts and opinions may help you delve further with your own personal ventures into the board gaming world.

Why is your blog so ugly?

Glad you noticed!  Unfortunately I have a lack of web and graphic skills and am learning on the fly.  I don't anticipate this will ever greatly improve, but feel free to help or offer suggestions on how I can make MBG more 'visually' appealing!

What is your favourite board game?

Well that generally depends on who is playing - I mostly enjoy gaming when the people I'm playing with are having a good time!  One day I may post my list of top games, but until then any game with a 'Must Buy' rating is a game that would be near the top of the list.

Why are there no 'Sell' rated games in your reviews?

It's still early days, but I'm sure they will come!  Right now I am working through reviewing my current collection which are basically games I bought because I knew I would like them.

I don't agree with one of your reviews.

That my friends is what having an opinion is all about!  Please comment in a respectful way and tell me - I love a good board game discussion/debate and would love to know what you think! Your opinion may even help me to give a game another try or look at it in a new light.

Thank you for your time.

No, thank you for yours and for stopping by!  Happy gaming and feel free to stop by anytime!

-Mostly Board Games