Thursday, 30 June 2016

Informal thoughts

As im sure everyone can tell im not too savvy on the blog building and making things fancy

So im still working things out and (aside from reviews), trying to decide on what kind of content to blog about.

I've titled the blog (mostly) board games for the obvious reason - as this blog will mostly be about board games. However it does allow me some freedom to post anything unrelated should something exciting that i have to blog about happen.

But with all that said, heres a post about board games.

What I've been playing this week:

Pandemic Legacy - october month, we won but only just, things got pretty intense for a bit!

Raptor - succesfully introduced this to a friend this week

7 Wonders Duel - love a good 2 player game and this doesn't disappoint

Ticket to Ride: Europe - classic game that we pulled out for the first time in ages, still enjoy it and want to get the expansion

So thats that.. expect reviews on legacy, ttr and duel sometime in the next month or two