Friday, 15 July 2016

Better late than never

This week I finally joined the kickstarter party and helped fund two board games for the first time.
(In hindsight it would have been better to post this before the end of the campaign's)

The first:

A neat looking fast paced two player game of cat and mouse.

I enjoy a quick two player game that has some depth and strategy and fugitive looks to tick all the boxes. 

Not sure when i'll get my copy but no doubt you can expect a review when I do.

And the second:

Dungeon Time
A 5 minute real time frantic co-op card game.

The pressure and manic card playing is what attracted me to this game.  

Again expect a review when I receive my copy

Overall I'm pleased with my first impressions of backing a campaign on kickstarter.  It's hard to judge accurately until I get the final product - but watching the clock tick down as more rewards are unlocked can be pretty exciting. Congratulations to both parties for successful kickstarters - I look forward to trying both games!

Here's What I've Been Playing This Week:

Citadels: Surprisingly my first few games even though it's been sat in my collection since February. Will post a review once I've played it a few more times

Pandemic Legacy: November month played.. and failed! Our 4th loss of the pandemic year and kinda glad we lost in a way as it was starting to feel a bit too easy.

Board Games Purchased This Week:
(Aside from Kickstarters)