Thursday, 4 August 2016

And Now Back To Our Regular Programming

So after last weeks lack of gaming, this week certainly made up for it.

My sister was over visiting from the other side of the world and I was able to convert her on a couple of games

Here's what I've been playing this week:

Ticket to Ride Europe: My sister absolutely loved this game so we played it 5 times during the week. I've been meaning to get around to a review of this for a while now so may even be inspired for this weeks upcoming one

Biblios: My sister didn't really rate this one too highly, she didn't think the theme had anything to do with the game and just thought it was ok.

Chinatown: After initial hesitation and complaints that it seemed too complicated, this game of negotiating was enjoyed by all including my sister who had a personal vendetta to make sure I didn't win.

Guillotine: Fun and simple card game that my sister felt went for too long

Coup: My first games of Coup and I was the only one who didn't win a game and also the only one who didn't just play the cards I actually had. Kinda hoping it works a bit better next time we try it as initial impressions were just OK.

For Sale: Only one game of this great filler and my sister dominated. Needless to say she liked it!

Jamaica: Lastly.. I finally was able to purchase Jamaica!  Of course we tried it the same night I bought it.  Need a few more plays to accurately gauge my opinion but initial thoughts were positive although my sister didn't like it and wanted to play ticket to ride again..

Board Games Purchased This Week:

Jamaica - As above, after waiting a few weeks I finally was able to find this.  Expensive but hopefully a decent addition to the collection!

Splendor - Lots of hype for this so I decided to get it and see what the fuss is about. Still haven't tried it yet though!