Friday, 12 August 2016

Weekly Cap

This week I nearly contributed to another kickstarter.

See: THIS GAME (Dwarves In Trouble)

It looks fun, its quick to play, easy to pick up, some cool artwork, a fantasy theme. Everything about the game looks to be a thumbs up from me except one thing.


I live in Australia and the shipping was estimated at $20+ USD
Unfortunately that would bring the total price to about $60-$70 when converted to AUD (I wanted the extras to have up to 6 players) and with so many games to buy and so little money.. I couldn't justify that kinda cash on a what is essentially just a card game.

And thats my story.
Also am still waiting to see what happens with the last two games I helped fund through kickstarter before I get too carried away..

But onto the week of gaming!

Here's what I've been playing this week:

Between Two Cities: 7 Wonders Lite Edition with the neat bonus of working with two players.  Easy and fun but I think I'd rather just play wonders..

Citadels: Am still fairly new to this classic game. I love the strategy and guessing who is which character etc but feel its just a bit too long for what it is! Always enjoy playing it but don't feel the end payoff is worth the 90 minutes we spent playing

Pandemic Legacy: November month replayed and this time successfully beaten! Hope to finish off our last month on Monday night and get a win the first time around.

Dead Of Winter: So this takes about 90 minutes to play as well - but you expect it! Just look at how many pieces there are and how much there is to do. Love the hybrid co-op competitive nature and throwing in a potential betrayer ups the ante.  Enjoy the game but wish there was a way around the downtime waiting for your turn.. (first world board game problems!)

Board Games Purchased This Week:

Lords Of Waterdeep - I've played Tzolkín (really enjoyed) and Stone Age (enjoyed) - but Lords Of Waterdeep is the first worker placement board game I own in my collection. Looking forward to introducing it to a group of friends who will be first timers to the genre!