Friday, 2 September 2016

Crisis Of Stranger Things

I'd like to start this weeks cap with a shout out to something not board game related.

Im actually pretty late to the party with this one, but there may be someone just like me reading this who somehow didn't hear all the hype for one of netflix newer shows.

This is a brilliant throw back to a cross between 80s adventure movies - the kind some of us grew up watching as kids, and something steven king would have made for us back in the day.  Just in case of spoilers etc I won't actually say anything about the show. But after starting this week, im 3/4 of the way through the first season and certainly enjoying it.  So do yourself a favor, if you have netflix and you like Sci-Fi, give it a go!

Here's What I've Been Playing This Week:

Roll For The Galaxy: Finally managed to not only play Roll For the Galaxy this week, but arranged a 2nd follow up to play it again!  I've never played Race FTG before, but as my first entry into the series im intrigued.  The rules were relatively easy to understand and I'm pretty sure we were playing properly within 10-15 minutes of actually playing (after a few minor mistakes).  While initially easy to play and enjoy, I wasn't really feeling like I was playing properly.  All my turns were correct and within the rules, but as everyone I was playing it with had never played before, I wasn't sure how effective our turns actually were.  A few games in, and I think we've got a bit of a grasp on the strategy and which tiles are more beneficial, which actions to activate and which your opponents prob will etc.. like most things the more you play the better you get. Look forward to a review eventually!

Exploding Kittens: Introduced this to a few more people this week,  Playing in a bigger group means you have less cards, less cards means less chances to push the kitty down the pile resulting in earlier deaths.  I enjoyed it a bit more this time but that may have something to do with the fact I won every game.. Might need a few more games but right now its sitting at about a TRY.

Coloretto: A new game for me.  Picked the rules up and how to play in about 30 seconds and won the first game (beginners luck seems to happen a bit in simple games!).  I just found it ok. Nothing wrong with it, but there's a lot of simple games and card games even going around in my collection that I don't feel the need to add coloretto to it. I'd play it again, but don't see myself ever suggesting it or going out of my way to get it to the table. Not really enough to it and as I said there's other simple games I prefer.

Board Games Purchased This Week:

Crisis - I've decided to put Kickstarter games in the purchased games list.  Technically I've purchased it as I've already paid for it - I just don't have it yet.  Why Crisis?  Well a couple things drew me to it. The first was the components, with basic and a deluxe versions available it was a no brainer that playing on the deluxe edition was the way to go.  Custom tokens, a cool looking board and a sci-fi theme had me interested.  But the real hook was the limited nature of the kickstarter. Im a bit new to KS but I've never seen a campaign thats capped at a certain amount of copies.  Only 1750 people were able to back Crisis making it feel a bit like an 'exclusive' club.  By the time I properly noticed Crisis, it was already sold out.  Lucky for me, after constantly refreshing and checking someone dropped out towards the last hours of the campaign and I was able to snatch myself a copy.  Yep I got conned by pressure sales.. but I'll find out soon enough if it was worth it!