Sunday, 20 November 2016

I'm still alive!

First off - Thank you for still checking out Mostly Board Games!

Second - Sorry for the lack of updates this last month.

Things have been a bit crazy and there has been a lot happening (including computer problems!!), but I can assure you my passion for board gaming remains the same and while I love board gaming as much as I do, I'll still be talking about board games.

However, I've realised it's a bit too ambitious of me to be able to review a new board game every week.  They do take a bit of time to write up and proof - but realistically it's just not possible to have a new game ready to review every week!  I like to play a game a good 4-5 times before I review it so I can have a decent handle on how it plays, often times playing with different play counts etc.. and its not always possible to fit that in every week.

So what does that mean going forward?

Well.. hopefully not a whole lot different except I will no longer have a regular board game review night.  Instead I'll post when I'm able to so the review won't be rushed and I'll be able to give the board game the proper love it deserves.

I'll be back with the regular weekly recaps so you guys will know what games I'm playing, buying and looking at.  I've also started a gmail account for the website so if you have any suggestions, comments, games I should check out or just want a general gaming chat.. feel free to email me

Once again, thank you for your patience and look forward to much more board gaming in the near future.