Friday, 3 February 2017

How Is It Already February?

February how you've snuck up on us quickly! As the shortest month in the year, we know March is just around the corner and by the time March has come and gone we would have already gone through a quarter of our 2017 year!  So many things to do, games to play, games to buy and so little time!  My pile of unplayed shame continues to increase and about 20% of my library are expansions.  I'm still not even convinced on whether expansions are a justifiable purchase but somehow they keep showing up on the shelf.  All that aside, it's been a busy couple of weeks and board games have suffered a little. I actually wasn't able to do last weeks recap so note that this is a combined weekly recap for the past two weeks..

Here's What I Played (in the) Last (2) Week(s):

Patchwork:  I love two player games, yet for some reason Patchwork didn't really resonate with me like it seems to have with the rest of the board game community.  I'll play it, but I find that I'd almost rather be playing something else.  It's not that its bad, but I find it lacks skill and strategy and is almost just random going around adding pieces.  Yes you need to manage your time, collect as many buttoned patches as possible and try gather those extra leather pieces - but something about Patchwork feels random to me like there's far too much luck involved to be anything but a casual game.  I've played Patchwork about 10 times and my thoughts don't seem to be changing with more plays, but I know I'm one of the few who doesn't love it so maybe still give it a go!

Jaipur: There was a time where Jaipur was my favourite two player game.  Simple to teach, quick to play, a few decisions, some interesting strategies, and plenty of camels.  This game is still great and its small box with nice components go a long way to make it an easy one to decide to take around with you when travelling etc.  As the library has grown, Jaipur got pushed to the side and I hadn't found myself overly keen to get it out again.  That obviously changed in the past week and we picked up where we left off with a few good games, but again I'm not itching to play again.  Still an excellent choice for two players though!

Sushi Go!: Had the chance to introduce this to another new player, and as usual it always works.  If you like card games, I don't see how you wouldn't like Sushi Go! and its cute artwork.  If you haven't played Sushi Go - it's a simple drafting game based on sushi that will take you about two minutes to learn to play.  It's fast and it's fun, but a bit shallow best suited as a quick filler.

Lords Of Waterdeep: Not sure I'll ever get sick of Water deep.  Why it gets so much hate for its lack of theme is beyond me.  While everyone is simply collecting black, purple, orange and white cubes as opposed to Rouges, Wizards, Fighters and Clerics - it's still fun!  Nobody really reads the quests or gets into the back story of what your actually doing, other then exchanging some coloured cubes for some victory points but again it's still a lot of fun!  The theme is neither here nor there, but I actually like playing Lords of Waterdeep that little bit more just because I know it technically is a fantasy game about fighters, wizards and monsters even if when I'm playing I don't really think about it.  Classic game that I'll happily pull out any time someone is willing to play.

Board Games Purchased (in the) Last (2) Week(s):

Another week where the library stays the same.  As I said I've got heaps that I need to play, and just because no new games have made it into the collection doesn't mean there aren't games coming..

I'm actually waiting on about 8 board games which are hopefully due in the mail any day (2 from Kickstarter, 6 from 2 different online shops).  So hopefully I'll have something to write about next week.. So I'll leave the recap here with a picture of a soon to be arriving game that has me quite intrigued.  Happy Gaming!