Saturday, 1 April 2017

Weekly Recap

March finishes with a record 46 plays across 13 games.  As we head into the cold and darker winter months I'm hoping we'll have the opportunity to top that.  Also realized this month that I'm still not quite where I want to be with the board game library, as I found it a challenge finding a game for someone.  The ultimate goal of course is to own enough games that I have something to bring to the table regardless of who is at the table.  Getting close, but still a little ways to go!

What I've Been Playing This Week:

Love Letter:  It's been a long while since we've tried to get letters to the princess, but a new player in the group helped get this one out of the back of the board game pile.  Forgot how easy it is to enjoy Love Letter's simple and quick gameplay with a dose of luck and a twist of deduction.  A great start to our board game night.

Istanbul: Only my sixth play at the Istanbul bazaar so I've yet to add in either of the expansions.  Also had two players playing for the first time, so felt it wisest to keep things simple.  I do enjoy this ruby collecting game as its simple to grasp - like most games, it sounds a lot at first until you start playing, and you feel like you can have some sort of plan.  Things can change, especially when you are relying on the Tea House and other players can interfere with the market fairly quickly, but it just creates a bit more excitement at the bazaar.

Dungeon Time: Played this again with our same original group and feel we are slowly getting better.  In nine plays we've only managed to beat the training grounds, level one and this week the level one bonus - but I feel like we have made some good progress and have a system some what figured out.  Bring on level 2!

Fugitive: A couple quick plays of this two player gem.  Still haven't felt the need to include the events or try some of the variants, but feel like they may come into play soon.  Even though the game seems well balanced, I tend to think the role of the Marshal is a bit easier to win as.

Lords Of Waterdeep:  Finished the week off with a two player round of Lords of Waterdeep. Another game that I've yet play with the expansion as still very much enjoying the base game.  Expansions are great and can really add to games, but I'm beginning to feel with the amount of games in the library that I haven't been able to play as many times as I'd like - are expansions really necessary?  They have their place, but I think I have too many and in future I may just buy for games I like that have become a little stale.  As for this weeks game of LoW - I was able to add another tick in the win column with my highest ever total of 196!  It's easier to get high scores in a two player game, but was pleased to make nearly 200!

Board Games Purchased This Week:

Nothing.  No new games yet, but theres a handful on the way including an old classic I've never played..