Sunday, 10 September 2017

Quality Over Quantity

Board Games Played This Week:

Scythe - Just the one game this week.  We had a cancelled gamenight where we were intending to try out the soon to be kickstarted Zoomaka as well as try to complete A Prophecy Of Dragons on our latest T.I.M.E Stories quest.  Those will have to wait until next week now, but we did manage to get another game of Scythe in which I'll never have complaints about.  This time I went as the Red Faction (sorry I don't memorize the proper names) and used a strategy of controlling the factory and most of the tunnels to some how sneak out a victory.  It was the first game where our popularity made it to the third tier which is always a nice bonus especially when 3 of the other players didn't.  I do enjoy Scythe - lots to think about and it takes a fair bit for everything to come together well.  Is it my favorite, the most amazing game ever?  Definitely not.  But it does a lot right and has plenty to sink your teeth into for a 2-2.5 hour game.

Board Games Purchased This Week:

Once Upon A Time - Truthfully I have no idea if/when I'll get around to playing this game, so in reality maybe it wasn't such a good buy after all.  Impulse as usual, as I found it on gumtree for $10 and thought I'd add it to the library.  I don't really know much about this game other than that its a card game where you are trying to complete a fairytale and use all your cards before your opponents.  Could be fun for a small diversion or it could fall incredibly flat.  Feels a bit risky to pull out when there's other games I know will work well with whoever I'm playing with - but one day I'm hoping I'll be pleasantly surprised when I decide to give it a go.