Saturday, 21 October 2017


A bit of a delayed post this week as I've spent the last week on holidays in the Gold Coast.  While I did bring a few games with me, the holiday kept everyone pretty busy so we only had time for one game this week.  Also I'll be on holidays again this weekend so expect another delayed post!

Board Games Played This Week:

Istanbul - It's been 7 months since I last played Istanbul.  I really enjoyed it the last time I played and even went as far as buying box expansions (which are still perfectly sealed on the shelf), but for some strange reason haven't given Istanbul the opportunity to shine lately.  That slightly changed on this holiday as it was the only game we actually had time to play.  2 quick games, one using the basic set up as we hadn't played in ages and the other game using the 'long game' selection for the bazaar.  Both games were good and as I was playing I wondered to myself why I didn't play Istanbul more.  It's a good game but I guess the big problem is because there's so many good games that its often been pushed aside for me.  Not sure that'll change anytime soon as I've got too many unplayed games to get through - but I'll be back for more Istanbul eventually.

Board Games Purchased This Week:

Nothing - I was on holiday with limited luggage so unless something was amazingly cheap, I actually hadn't planned to buy anything.  However there should be a couple games arriving tomorrow or Tuesday in the post.. Watch this space on next weeks delayed update.