Sunday, 12 November 2017

Traveling Through Board Games

Board Games Played This Week:

Tokaido - This week's purchase also made it's way to the table right away.  I was actually a little excited about this having wanted it for a while and it would have to definitely be a contender for best board game box art for me.  Having only played this online, I finally got around to playing the game how it was originally designed in both 2 and 3 player games this week.  Two player was more to test it all out and make sure I had all the rules sorted - which I've gotta say it could be one of the most simple games I have, and the three player game was actually giving it a good go.  I did manage to win both games which is always a cherry on top, but regardless I was pretty pleased to have another good looking easy to teach and play game in the library.  This one won't be played a heap but for those casual nights I can see myself sneaking it onto the table.

Takenoko - What better game is there to follow Tokaido?  Straight from Japan to China with not only another good looking game, but one by the same designer Antoine Bauza.  Both good games, but I think Tokaido wins in art as well as the 'chill' factor where there is virtually no stress in the game (as long as you can eat), whereas Takenoko takes it for cutest playing pieces and actual gameplay.  Both great games nonetheless and somehow I barely snuck out a 2nd win of the night.  Not sure why I don't play Takenoko as much as I'd like to as I do find it enjoyable.

Klask! - I might stop writing about this one as I can imagine it being played nearly every week for the next little while.  Besides, technically its more an activity than a board game even though you buy it at a board game shop and it's listed on boardgamegeek.  Another new player in a what turned out be best of 12 match. Although it only lasted 6 rounds as I won every one.  In the end my opponent was claming it was all luck - I'll admit luck plays a big part like it does with most games, however I'm not sure if luck is the right word to describe beating someone 6 games straight.. There's gotta be some skill involved right?

Board Games Purchased This Week:

Tokaido - As I mentioned this is one I had only ever played online.  I knew what I was getting due to my online plays and that is a relaxing game with beautiful looking simplistic art.  Lot's of white and lots of colors really make this game pop.  The basic concept is that your having a holiday across Japan over a few days and you want to enjoy it the most by spending your time relaxing in hot springs, eating expensive food, going shopping, meeting new people and visiting temples.  It's a great game for those looking for something simple and its often likened to the kids classic Candy Land.  To be honest I've never played Candy Land, but I get the idea it's very linear and straight forward.

Game Of Thrones: Hand Of The King - Not the epic Game Of Thrones game that everyone claims to be an absolute delight - instead I went for the simpler easy to get out and easy to play edition.  To be honest I've actually given this game away as a birthday present, but then again I've never seen Game Of Thrones so it seems to make sense not to have the game.  Hope to try it sometime though!

Timeline: Diversity - Just another pack of cards to add to the Timeline board game.  I haven't played it in a while, but I'm sure it'll be played a fair bit in the years to come so a few more cards to mix things up certainly doesn't hurt.  I haven't had a good look at this one, but don't think it focus's on a certain topic but is just a mix of everything which makes it one of the best editions to mix in with all the others.