Sunday, 26 February 2017

Did Someone Say Dead Last

Sorry - still no new review posts and it won't be coming in the next week as I'll be travelling for most of this week.  Hopefully I'll manage to sneak at least one but maybe two, up on the blog during March.  Watch this space and hopefully it'll happen!

What I've Been Playing This Week:

Telestrations: Just the one game night this week and just the one game played.  In a way Telestrations is more of an activity than an actual board game, but it doesn't matter.  There is a couple ways to keep score and have a winner, but really its just best played for a good night and a few laughs.  Highlights were 'Cheese' turning into 'Dog In A Jumper' and the another started as something like 'Bread' and after changing about 4-5 times it ended up on 'Car Door'. A quick side note - I have the party edition that plays with 12, and if you can manage to get the full 12 the drawings can end up like anything!  For competitive players, there isn't really anything on offer with Telestrations - but if you have a random group of people some who don't usually enjoy a board game then Telestrations is an excellent choice to pull out.

Board Games Purchased Last Week:

Dead Last: Finally it arrived! I've been excited about this one since I first heard of it. Not a social deduction game (alas Werewolf, Resistance etc), Dead Last is a 'social collusion' game.  Never tried one but certainly can't wait! The basic premise: Everyone is assigned one of twelve colors and each player is given a set of 12 cards consisting of your 11 opponents colors and 1 ambush card in your color.  Each round you'll have to collude with your opponents and decide on a target color to eliminate.  This can be done through talking, gesturing, showing cards etc.. basically any way you can think of.  After everyone has picked a target the cards are revealed. The color with the majority vote gets the associated player eliminated AND everyone who didn't vote for the majority is also eliminated.  There's potential for things to move pretty fast, but if your too obvious about which color your targeting - that player can play their ambush and eliminate a player who voted for them instead. Careful though, use your ambush when you weren't the majority target and you'll also find yourself eliminated.  As if that wasn't exciting enough, when it gets down to the last two players (this whole time you've been trying to stay alive to collect up to 4 bars of gold) each player is given three cards.  Share - each player takes two of the gold cards, Steal - you take all four gold bars, Grab One and Go - your guaranteed one gold bar but possibly leaving your opponent with three.  After discussing the planned card with your opponent, both players will secretly play one of the 3 aforementioned cards.  Do you double cross your opponent and go for the steal? Well that's a good option but if your opponent also plays a steal - ==none of you get any gold and each of the eliminated players get one gold!  However if you decide to nicely play a share and your opponent steals then you'll end up with none and they get all four.  So maybe you should just play it safe and guarantee at least a return of 1 gold bar.  But then again you could share and get 2 or steal and get all 4..  So many choices, how much do you trust your opponent? This sounds exactly like my ideal game and I'm very much looking forward to giving it a go!  P.s. sorry about the long explanation I'm excited about this one :)

Dungeon Time:  Being fairly competitive means that Co-Op games aren't really a favourite of mine.  However something about Dungeon Time piqued my interest and became only my second kickstarted board game.  My initial thoughts just going through the components are a little disappointing. Ares were kind enough to throw sleeves into the kickstarter versions of the game, but they didn't design the box insert to actually fit the sleeves?  A tiny bit of forethought would have been nice.  Aside from that everything looks well made and designed so hopefully somewhere down the track I'll get some enjoyment out of this.  It could be a while though as I'm not in a massive rush to get this one played as there's still a fair few waiting in the pile above it.