Friday, 17 February 2017

Waiting To Visit The Full Bazaar!

I've got a few busy weeks coming up (basically until after easter) but am hoping that board gaming doesn't get pushed aside too much.  Also playing with new review formats and am currently leaning towards a Q&A type review that hopefully covers most of the questions one who was interested in the game, would ask.  Will see what happens, but it's been a long while between reviews so am hoping to change that soon!  Thanks for your patience! Until then here's another weekly recap..

What I've Been Playing This Week:

Guillotine: A bit of a busy week so felt like playing a couple simpler games that don't require too much strategy.  Haven't played Guillotine since August, but as there's not a whole lot to it, we were able to pick it up and play after a quick review of the set up.  Still good random fun with some French comedic charm! Managed a come from behind victory with four palace guards after I was targeted a few times early on! 39-31-29

Splendor: Another classic I'd almost always be up for playing - yet somehow Splendor was last played in October! That's the problem with too many games, but it was quite refreshing getting it to the table again.  If you haven't played Splendor yet - give it a go! I highly recommend it for an excellent gateway engine builder that's simple to understand and quick to play. Was lucky to sneak out a 15-11-7 win. The scores don't look like it was close but I was losing until the last few turns when I managed to finally score a few nobles and third tier victory points.  Guess that's what engine building is all about though :)

Board Games Purchased Last Week:

Istanbul - Mocha & Baksheesh: I really enjoy Istanbul and have no problems that it's a lighter more accessible board game. However, I wouldn't mind a bit more tense strategy and countering your opponents moves either and everything I've read about Mocha & Baksheesh makes it seem to be just that! I'm at a slight dilemma at the moment however as I enjoy basic Istanbul enough that I'm happy to play without expansions and am wondering whether I wait for it to become a little stale before throwing Mocha & Baksheesh in. And I'm also yet to try letters and seals - do I try them together to create a giant bazaar of excitement, embrace the changes slowly one at a time, or wait until I'm completely board of vanilla Istanbul? No idea what I'll do yet but I'm happy to complete the Istanbul collection.